Isaiah 58:12

Christmas Hope for the Homeless 2019 information coming soon! Thank you!!

Christmas Hope for the Homeless



  •  We will need about 75 men’s, 50 women’s and 40 boys and 40 girls children’s backpacks.
  • We will also need about 20 Teen Girls and 20 Teen Boys backpacks
  • Total of about 200 backpacks ! Backpacks with wheels are nice for the men and women especially.


Each Men’s and Women’s  backpack should contain:


Shampoo, Conditioner, razors (use small plastic bags), lotion, small Kleenex ,  and the same variety of other personal care items (if available) including:

  • Deodorant, Washcloth, Handtowel, Body wash, mouthwash

(no alcohol based mouth washes), toothpaste,toothbrush.

  • For Women-feminine products( tampons and/or pads.
  • Bandaids,
  • Anything else you can think of.   J


Each back pack should also contain these “specialty” items (if available) including:

  • hats, mittens, scarves(appropriate for gender and age)
  • Travel coffee mug-sturdy one
  • Wet ones/wipes (small kit)
  • Small Hand-sanitizers
  • Small Bible
  • Small notepad/pens/pencils and a pocket calendar  !
  • Envelopes with stamps
  • Packs of Gum, Chapstick, breathmints, candy or granola bars
  • Poptop cans of food-fruit,puddings, plastic forks, spoons or knives and extra baggies.
  • A personal zippered pouch for the personal care items would be nice


Other items that can be included are:(each pack can have one or two of these) You can include these or others you think of. Remember, people are usually opening them next to each other

so one can’t have a $50.00 gift card and another a $5.00 one. It makes it difficult.

  • $5.00 Gift card to Target or Coborn’s Grocery Store
  • Phone card with 30 minutes on it
  • $5-10.00 in Bus Tokens


Remember, if you are experiencing  homelessness, you cannot carry a lot of stuff…it is very hard. So, stuff must be small.

A nice note to the person is great! Like encouragement for the day and letting them know you are praying for them.


Kids Backpacks can include some personal care items and ALL of them can have a small stuffed animal in them.  Kids backpacks also need underwear, socks etc. and ALL School supplies you can think of !!
If there are other small gift items, they can go in there.

Teens can have the same type of stuff as adults.

  • Kids/Teens bags  can include markers, color books, notebooks for school, pens, pencils, rulers, pocket folders and or any other school supplies you can think of.



  • Green ribbon or string on the men’s packs
  • Blue on the Boys
  • Black on the Teen Boys
  • White on the Women’s
  • Pink on the Girls
  • Red on Teen Girls


Deliver to:

Place of Hope 511 9th Ave North St Cloud, Mn 56303 



Phone 320-203-7881


Thanks so much for all your generosity !

Pastor Carol Jean and Pastor Geary Smith,